Why should i getn an online fax service?

Business faxing with just an internet conection and an email account has become a reality using afax. It is reliable, profession and easy to use. Advances in technology opened the door for online faxing to integrate directly with business processes, reducing costs, improving productivity and helpoing the enviorement, due to the lack of paper needed in tradicianl fax machines.



Just Say No to Technology

Take back the Business!  Are you ready to transform your technology costs into business investments?  Ready to learn more about cloud computing and what it means for your business?  You're not alone.  GreenCanyon has over a decade of experience in helping organizations move to managed technology services, saving thousands to millions of dollars every year.  Meet with us for a no-cost Business Action Framework Strategy Session to learn more.



Flourish 2011 Conference - Is Software Licensing Still Relevant?



IT Productivity, Cloud Computing, and the Agility Dividend

By Michael Hugos @ Dell.com

Your company has to keep exploring new markets and introducing new products because existing products become obsolete so fast and profits get squeezed. Since all new products need systems support to bring them to market, you will be an indispensable player on your company’s senior management team if you can quickly deploy flexible and scalable systems without spending a lot of money up front to get started.




SteadyContent newest plugin

One of the biggest Content Genearators of 2017 came up with the idea to pair up with an outstanding development team to make the process of acquiring online content faster and simpler. Within a couple of clicks you can get your brand new, unique and SEO optimized content getting written by one of over 6000 ghost writers from SteadyContent.



Swiderski and Lynch to Interview Speakers at midVentures launch

Ed Swiderski and Katy Lynch are teaming up once again to host interviews for the panelists and speakers at midVentures --the largest startup and innovation conference in the Midwest.  See the list of speakers here, which includes Brad Keywell co-founder of Groupon, Steve Huffman of Reddit, and many more.



GreenCanyon Forms Strategic Cloud Computing Partnership with Michael Hugos

CHICAGO (September 2010) - GreenCanyon, LLC, a business technology consulting firm based in Chicago that specializes in web and mobile development, cloud computing and social media, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Michael Hugos and the Center for Systems Innovation [c4si].

The strategic partnership allows GreenCanyon access to the industry expertise of published author and noted business agility strategist Michael Hugos. We will focus on solving acute business problems with practical agile development “in the cloud”. The partnership also allows GreenCanyon to offer the Center’s Agile System Development Process known as “The 30-Day Blitz”.

Read the Full Press Release



Swiderski and Lynch to Interview at "Tech in the Middle" Cloud & Mobile Conference

Ed Swiderski and Katy Lynch (of SocialKaty & Where I've Been) will be hosting speaker interviews at this year's "Tech in the Middle" cloud and mobile computing conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology on September 11th, 2010.

Register for the conference here!



GreenCanyon at SocialDevCamp Chicago

Ed will co-host the interviewing portion of Social Dev Camp this weekend at IIT.  Look for him at the conference!



GEOTF Launch Event at the Bull & Bear 8/26/2010

It's official!  The GEOTF launch event will be held at the Bull & Bear on August 26th.  Special guest Jeffrey David Goldford of American Idol will also be providing live entertainment during the event.

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