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The Cloud. What is it? It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Cloud computing has the potential to be the next major driver of business innovation, as it enables new business models and services across almost all industries.  And it will fundamentally change the balance of power in many existing markets.  We can help you determine if the cloud is right for your organization and help you make the shift. A cloud transformation should be evolutionary, not revolutionary.  Chances are, you may be using the cloud and not even know it. But if you are, are you using it to it's full potential?

  • Replace capital expenses with operating expenses
  • Low start-up costs
  • Ease of management. No need to worry about keeping licenses current or purchasing additional hardware.
  • Device and location independence. Access it from any computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Protect your data like never before.
  • Applications that grow with your business, while reducing your technology resource utilization and maintenance costs.
  • Flexible, elastic platforms that enable your organization to increase performance and customization at your convenience.
  • Metered platform that minimizes cost of ownership based on business requirements, spending only on what you utilize.
  • Rapid innovation. Because vendors are able to roll out new features incrementally, they can respond to user needs more rapidly.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Our cloud adoption framework is based on guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is also an analytical aid that we use in combination with other engagements to help organizations establish a visual roadmap to cloud adoption. In this context, the framework can help organizations:

  • Determine the types of services that can be offered through a cloud
  • Identify the service management capabilities required to enable the chosen delivery model and service, such as metering and billing
  • Recognize the challenges—both immediate and long-term—that should be considered prior to cloud implementation, such as those related to integration or governance.
  • Cloud Balancing for global server load balancing

Two Dimensions of Cloud Computing: Delivery Model and Services Delivered

Our method of approaching the cloud is to dissect your core business functions, determine the weakest functions (or bottlenecks), then use the cloud computing adoption framework to eliminate or reduce them. The two dimensions of the cloud are the delivery model and the services delivered. The Delivery Model falls into three categories:

  • Public - Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • Private - On premise or co-located
  • Hybrid - Blend of public and private

Privacy, compliance and proximity typically drive the decision on the model, though there can be a number of reasons why an organization would choose one model over another. The Services Delivered also fall into three major categories (or layers):

  • Infrastructure (IaaS) - Core servers, storage, network devices
  • Platform (PaaS) - Middleware such as web server or a "stack"
  • Application (Saas) - Content Management, CRM, ERP, etc

Cloud Blitz

The Cloud Blitz program is our fusion of iterative software development methodology and cloud computing.  It's the culmination of building business software with immediate value to the business, while combining the cost savings of cloud-based computing.  Invite us in to chat with you and we'll bring lunch.

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