We are active in supporting the following organizations due to their core values and mission:

Open Source Initiative (OSI)
The OSI is actively involved in Open Source community-building, education, and public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software. OSI Board members frequently travel the world to attend Open Source conferences and events, meet with open source developers and users, and to discuss with executives from the public and private sectors about how Open Source technologies, licenses, and models of development can provide economic and strategic advantages.

The National Center for Open Source and Education (NCOSE)

In the last five years, Open Source tools have passed from the domain of experts into the realm of top quality, user friendly tools used in businesses, governments and schools around the world. The One Laptop Per Child initiative is about to launch Open Source into millions of homes in developing countries. Schools are desperately in need of funding and rarely has the United States needed to foster international outreach and cooperation as it does now

What problems can we solve? How would it affect the way we learn? Work? Run our governments?

We want to shine a light on the places where the open source way is multiplying ideas and effort, even beyond technology. We believe that will be a gathering place for many of the open source stories we'd like to share--through articles, audio, web presentations, video, or open discussion.

The term open source began as a way to describe software source code and the collaborative model for how it's developed. Red Hat used this model for developing technology and built a business model around open source and its principles: Openness. Transparency. Collaboration. Diversity. Rapid prototyping.

The open source way is more than a development model; it defines the characteristics of a culture. Red Hat and other open source thought leaders want to show you where open source is headed next. Tell you how to get involved. Help you apply it to your life and the world around you.